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02/01/05 - Member since 5627 Days
My SEGA's consoles
Sg-1000 II
SC-3000 français
Mark 3
Master system jap
Master system 1 pack alex kidd
Master system 2 pack sonic
Megadrive 1 jap second modèle factory sealed
Megadrive 1 jap premier modèle
Saturn jap HST-0004
Saturn jap skeleton this is cool
Hitachi gamenavy Hisaturn (gps)
Victor Wondermega RGM1
Victor Wondermega RGM2
Sega Wondermega
Megacd 1 jap
Megacd 2 jap
Megacd 1 pal
Megacd 2 pal
Super 32 X
32 X pal
Pioneer laseractive
Genesis 3
Aiwa CSD-GM1
Dreamcast jap premier modele
Dreamcast pal
Multimega pal
Megadrive 1 pal 1er modèle
Megadrive 3
Game gear white
Kid's gear virtua fighter
Game gear bleue
Game gear rouge
Game gear jaune
Game gear ninku
Game gear rayearth
Game gear puyo puyo
Game gear sonic and tails
Game gear pal
Pico pal
Used skin
Algol System
Last visit
Wednesday 27 May 2020, 17h53
Total : 1

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