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My Collection
Saturday 31 October 2009 - Cjey


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darwin974 @ 15/12/11, 12h21
Avatar de darwin974 unglaublich
im französisch
super vraiment incroyable dire que je n'ai qu'à peine + de 800 jeux.....
ninjabearhug @ 03/10/11, 02h11
Avatar de ninjabearhug Stunning collection  :). Looks like a lot of the codemasters variations too, can be expensive to find some of those!
legrandjovialiste @ 02/07/11, 15h41
Avatar de legrandjovialiste What is the plastical protection on your boxes ?
asde88 @ 13/01/11, 02h40
Avatar de asde88  :]  :]  :]  :]  :]
sega c'est presque pas plus fort que toi  ^^
Cjey @ 21/10/10, 06h04
Avatar de Cjey those shelves are made by IKEA

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