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Advantages of MyGuardiana's members

Registering as Guardiana's member will allow you to benefit many advantages:
  • You'll be able to make lists of your games (collection, search, trade), directly linked to the MDG-Database;
  • You can export these lists in HTML or XML format for integration into website, or export in CSV for opening with Excel or OpenOffice.org Calc
  • You'll be able to comment news, reviews, articles and post to the ChatBox
  • Inscription allows members to upload collection's photos, make Top5 of games and access Great Quality Covers Scans (300dpi)
  • Members can change site design with many skins, and change sidebar position from left to right!
The inscription is 100% free, without any counterparts. The e-mail address will only be used to send activation code and send a new password if you lose it.

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